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How to sand your wooden floor

Have you lifted up your carpet to discover a neglected wooden floor underneath? Learn how to bring it back to its former glory in this handy guide to sanding and varnishing.

wooden floor

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Get the right equipment

Like most DIY jobs, sanding a wooden floor is not difficult if you have the right tools. You will need an electric floor sander, which can easily be hired from a tool hire company, starting at around £60 a week. Look for one which does floor edging, so that it goes right up to the skirting board and doesn’t miss bits.

The Guardian recommends buying a special brush with synthetic fibres for applying the varnish at the end, as well as plenty of sandpaper, a bucket and mop, floor pad and hammer.

Prepare your room

Sanding creates a lot of dust, so open the window, close the door and put on safety goggles … Read More