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TIPS ON GENERAL HYDROPONICS. Food is essential for proper growth and health. The land is the primary factor of production, and in agriculture, it is has proven to be very significant. However, as time goes, we are experiencing challenges of getting adequate amounts of vegetables because there are reduced farming activities due to population pressure on land. You can be sure to have at all-time fresh salad and vegetables for all meals throughout the year if you make the following considerations for your hydroponic farming. You need to choose an appropriate location – A suitable place for this type of agriculture should have a constant temperature range of approximately 35 ? C to 50 ? C. The most appropriate temperature range is between 35 ? C and 50 ? C while the place should have protection so that there is minimal interference whatsoever. Proper planting bags – You can decide on plastic bags which can easily be found in your locality and they are the best for this work because they are relatively cheap and have high water retention. Big containers are ideal for planting big size vegetables but the little plants; you can use small container bags. These plastic planting bags are available in hydroponic store as well as other general retail stores.
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Lighting is essential for hydroponics – You will find all kinds of LED grow lights available in the market; however they are quite costly. As an alternative, you can use the regular fluorescent lamps which also work well to give best results. The crops require lots of lighting because, from it, they carry out photosynthesis.
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The water source is also an important factor of consideration – Oxygenated water is preferable because it supplies oxygen to plant roots. A water tank is sufficient for this purpose. Regular plant watering is essential. Keep the soil moist. Too much water on plant root can be dangerous because it deprives the roots of mush needed oxygen; thus, the plants can be unhealthy. Fertilizer usage – Fertilizer provide essential nutrients for growth and production. Supply the soil with the correct type of fertilizer depending on the stage of growth and nutrient deficiencies that may be present. To start indoor hydroponics, you need to start with small quantities of plants. As you get conversant with the practices, then you can gradually expand your operations. Indoor farming is a risky undertaking, and proper care should be observed at all time so that no one gets injured or poisoned by the chemical that may be applicable. You can diversify by planting different vegetables to ensure a steady supply. Hydroponics is a solution to the problems we face currently and at the same time it is a reliable source of income if taken seriously.