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A Guide to Hardwood and Laminate Floors If you are deciding what is best for your home, hardwood or laminate flooring, the best guide is your personal preference and priorities. There are important questions you need to answer in order to make the best decision. How fast should the installation be done? What qualities in flooring will fit my household best? How much can I afford to invest in flooring? Hardwood flooring is very durable and this is the reason why it has been popular all through the years. It can last for many long years and with a hardwood flooring the value of a home increases. This makes it very appealing to potential buyers. It is a very good investment if you install hardwood floors in your home. A wood surface will not wear down by mopping, vacuuming and sweeping it. Hardwood floors are very easy to maintain but the floors should not be exposed to too much water. You can also sand and finish wood surfaces as many times as you wish. You don’t have to replace your hardwood, you just need to revive them once in a while. They can do this if they want a new look for their floors.
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Hardwood flooring uses many popular types of wood. Some examples of these are cherry, walnut, and oak. They have differences in color, texture and thickness. It allows versatility in design with these different types of woods. You can have a very elegant and class, modern or traditional, home with hardwood flooring.
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Laminate flooring is a new comer in the market yet is doing very well. Laminate flooring is very affordable but at the same time very durable too. Installation of laminate flooring can be done at a low cost. People who love to do things themselves can easily install laminate flooring in their houses. A lot of these laminate plates come with snap edges which are simply pushed of tapped in place to lock in the panels. Installation is really very easy. Laminate floors are also easy to maintain. Cleaning is easy and if it gets scratched you can easily fix it with a repair paste which you can purchase in any flooring store. It also has aesthetic appeal. Although they are not as prestigious as hardwood, they work well in everyday settings. Laminate is an easy and affordable alternative to resurfacing floors. Whether you want to invest in hardwood floors or renovate you house with affordable laminate, it is important that you consider your lifestyle and priorities. Hardwood is a good flooring option if you are looking to make an investment in your home and reap the rewards later when you sell. But if you are looking to redo your home on a budget, or if you have an active household, laminate will most likely suit your needs.