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Flooring Stores in Sugar Land – Important Things To Know If you think that wood floor installation is complicated, you are wrong. You will most probably able to install the flooring of any type in less time when you just be patient and take time to read the directions as well as the other proper measurements. Completing the installation of wood flooring is like completing a huge jigsaw puzzle. If you are thinking about having a floor makeover, there are many flooring stores in Sugar Land. They will sand and finish your hardwood floors, which are already old and worn so that they will look brand new again. Regardless of what kind of flooring you have, the flooring stores in Sugar Land will help you. They will put stain color depending on your choice together with high quality wax for the finish. You will always have satisfaction. The list below are samples of hardwood you can install for your floor:
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The common hardwood flooring is the Red Oak. It is a durable floor that gives reddish look based on the finish.
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White oak is another type of hardwood which gives tighter grain than red oak and it is known for its equal straight grain. It gives creamy white to light brown color and it is denser than red oak. For the bowling alleys and basketball court, maple is commonly used because of its strength and dent resistant. Because of its uniform texture, it is a closed grain wood. It gives creamy white to light brown color. When you talk about sturdiness, Hickory is another wood to consider. It is well-known because of its contrasting dark streaks with white to light brown color. It can add charm to your house. The wood that is known to darken when age is the American Cherry. It has fine grain and has the ability to give pale white color to reddish brown. The Brazilian Cherry on the other hand is hard, heavy, and durable wood that gives beautiful reddish brown color. When it ages, it becomes dark naturally. If you want your floors to look elegantly, you can choose the American Walnut. It gives light tan to dark chocolate brown color with curly grain. Another durable wood is the Brazilian Walnut. It is well-recognized for its deep rich look. it provides golden brown to dark brown color with tight equal grain. Tigerwood derives its name from the skin of the tiger. It has dark-orange color. The cost of repair of floor in Sugar Land may range from $250.50 – $285.75 per small repair. This depends on the type of floor, available material, room layout, finish, and other things to consider. If you want floor refinished the cost may be from $1.25 to $4.00 or more per square foot. This is according to the finish, room layout, and type of floor.