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Before carrying out the renovation of residential houses would be better if first we examine how the existing condition of the house will be renovated so it can be planned right steps in carrying out renovations.

After a few years, of course, they want to change the form of liking and started renovating the house until deemed in accordance with their wishes and needs. For that, check out some tips when determined to renovate the house. Here are a few tips that I have if you’re determined to renovate the house.

1. How is the foundation of the house will be renovated, is strong enough to house the planned time period in the future, if not stronger then we need an additional foundation work as the reinforcement structure of the house, so we get a strong house as a result of the renovation without cracks or home position sloping.

2. What practical columns that house, whether already using columns with concrete and iron strong foundation specification, otherwise it would be better to repair it first held on the column in order to produce a strong house.

3. How is the condition of the walls of houses, housing developments chased the target in terms of time and for profit that is too high may cause the walls are not good jobs, for example, the use of a mixture of cement and sand is enough, the use of brick or concrete block were good so there is no rift or peeling stucco walls.

4. How is the condition of the roof, the roof of a residential house often using concrete tile with wood frame, before performing home renovations need to be examined in advance whether there is a potential leak in the future, whether nantiya roof models need to be changed to adjust the result of the renovation design of the house, and the most important thing is not happening leaks that can cause damage to the ceiling below.

5. How is the condition of the floor, for example if the elevation of the floor renovation plans need to be increased by a look at the potential increase in water when it rains or flooding, or future plans increase in elevation of the highway around the house, so the post-renovation floor elevation is at a safe altitude.

6. What is the height of the ceiling, by raising the floor elevation of course leads to a lack of high ceiling that made the room cool and create a feeling of insecurity fear of collapse because the ceiling is too short.

Record the damage at Home You

If you recently purchased a house or dwelling in a newly developed area such as apartments, condominiums, or new housing, you have to do is to record all the shortcomings of the building that you just buy it. Then, ask the developer to fix it. Usually there are developers who give time to correct the damage or defect of the building.

If you bought a new home and are renovating, it helps you make a list of the damage in your home. after that you can make a priority of damage or deficiency which group should be renovated. The priority of course depend on the financial condition and also your needs.

Prohibition Notice Developers

Each residential developers have different policies. There are some developers that allow homeowners to renovate their home or dwelling at will. However, some developers that do not allow some things in the residential remodeling.

Usually developers ban the construction of new buildings because it will change the appearance of the facade or front display different housing. Therefore, it is important to know any ban should not be done when renovating your occupancy. And be sure to get approval from the developer to renovate the house before the renovation process starts.

Calculate Future Plans

Many homeowners are renovating the house without thinking about the future plans. For example, they built a room for two children. In fact, over time, of course, later the child will also require their own rooms when they grow up. Therefore, it would be better if we think about the future plans and begin to apply it when renovating the house.