What You Should Know Before Choosing Your First Set of Wood Picnic Tables

If this is your first time choosing a wood picnic table set from Forever Redwood, you’re in for a real treat. Forever Redwood’s wood picnic tables are custom made with the finest grade redwood available. Here some other facts you should know about why Forever Redwood is a world apart from other wood furniture companies.


1. Forever Redwood Helps Restore Forests to Old Growth

Our parent company, Old-Growth Again Restoration Forestry (OGA) is committed to restoring logged forestlands so they can be restored to their ancient form. When you order your wood furniture picnic table from Forever Redwood, you are supporting this noble cause. Without funds from Forever Redwood, OGA could not continue this work.

2. The Wood Used Makes a Difference

Have you ever seen old wood picnic tables that, splintering and falling apart? That because the wood used was not a quality grade. The wood type and grade makes all the difference in how well the wood furniture will age. Remember that wood furniture will be exposed to the harshest weather conditions. Even if you’re lucky enough to live in beautiful California, the sun’s UV rays can really age wood. With Forever Redwood furniture, you can rest assured that your wood furniture picnic set will last between ten and forty years, depending on the wood grade you opt for.

3. You Can Order Custom Sizes

In most wood furniture stores, your selection is limited to what you see on the showroom floor. If it doesn’t fit in the space you have in your backyard, you’re out of luck. Not so with Forever Redwood furniture.

Your wood furniture picnic table size and shape is entirely up to you. You choose everything from the grade of wood that’s used, to the shape of the table, to the size of the table and benches. When we say we offer custom furniture for your deck or patio, we mean it.

Why not come in or call today to see the wide choices you get when you choose your first set of wood picnic tables from Forever Redwood?